A quilt to help protect life on this planet

img_4664The Solutions to Climate Change quilt has 350 pieces, to represent the 350 parts per million of carbon dioxide (CO2) that NASA climatologist James Hansen has said is the maximum safe level of CO2 in our atmosphere (we’re currently at 383 and rising fast).

We are currently facing the biggest threat to life on earth since the last mass extinction 65 million years (think dinosaurs). That’s the bad news. The good news is that scientists say we can still reverse global warming, if we act soon.

We need to demand that our new representatives in government take this problem seriously and make climate change a priority in 2009. There are also many ways for each of us to get involved, the more the merrier.

Although it seems incredible, the technology exists to fix the atmosphere. That doesn’t mean it will be easy. Stopping dangerous climate change will require a massive effort on the scale of World War II. We need to re-tool our economy so that it is more efficient, start using clean energy, and change our transportation habits. To do so will require significant investment, but will very likely also fix the recession that we are now entering, and create a safer and less polluted world.

The solution to global warming has many different pieces. I have made a quilt that expresses some of the ones that I and many others believe are crucial to fixing the problem. For more information on the ideas expressed on the quilt, see “Solutions to Climate Change” below.


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