You can sign this quilt – and help stop climate change!

You can help by signing the back of the quilt, and asking your friends to sign. I took the quilt to DC on November 18th, 2008 for a national day of action on climate change with 1Sky and, and delivered a framed photograph of the quilt together with a letter to President Obama’s transition team. But Im  going to try and give him the quilt on Oprah’s show, so you can still add your name.

To sign the quilt, send me a comment by clicking on the word “comments” below, with your name, and the city and state you live in, and I will write your name on the back of the quilt.


109 responses to “You can sign this quilt – and help stop climate change!

  1. Jeannie Mckenzie

    I’m a teacher from Oakland California, and your creative solution is inspiring!

  2. Gabriela Rodriguez. San Francisco, California 🙂

  3. Jess Alexander

    Sign me up!!! I hope your beautiful, awesome, impressive quilt will make enough of an impression on the new President that they realize how totally, totally serious this is. THEY HAVE TO ACT.

    And not just some carbon trading scheme that is just a giveaway to oil companies and other polluters. We need a real carbon tax system A.S.A.P.. A carbon tax will make carbon more expensive than alternative energy sources and will make the price of using carbon accurately reflect the damage it is doing to our world. And those taxes can go into some serious funding for alternatives (which does NOT include nuclear).

    Yes, reducing the carbon in the atmosphere is huge and serious. But its not impossible. And it has to happen. The U.S. has done huge, serious things before. The federal government can do this. I hope your quilt helps convince them to do it.

    — Jess Alexander – Oakland, CA

  4. Sara Prueitt Lovtang

    Sara, Jens, Linnea & Kate Lovtang, Redmond, Oregon

  5. Margaret Ruby

    please sign my name to your quilt
    Margaret Ruby
    Pacific Grove, Calif.

  6. San Anselmo, CA

  7. Racheal Chiolero

    Great Idea and extremely inspiring. Please add my name.

    Racheal Chiolero San Francisco, CA

  8. I’m living in Damascus, Syria right now and climate change feels closer to home here than anywhere else! Many people look to the West for tips on their budding environmental movements. My hope is that, now that Bush and his regime are on their way out, the U.S. can be a good example for the rest of the world!

  9. Thanks, Ulla, for this hopeful project.

  10. Solveig Nilsen

    Your quilt project has already inspired me to try to understand more about climate change, including the significance of 350 parts per million. I hope it will catch the eyes of many, increase our climate change vocabularies, and focus attention on the need to make solutions a major national priority.

  11. Wonderful idea. I hope you meet President Obama!



  13. Great idea, Ulla! Add my name too.

  14. Helping to stop climate change is such an important issue to bring to the forefront in this way!
    Thanks for all your efforts in producing this Solutions to Climate Change Quilt.
    Barb Boyle Minnesota

  15. Dianne D. Corder

    This is hopeful. I support completely.

  16. Ulla, thank you for your hard work on your project. Very impressive!
    Much love, Jane

  17. Marilyn Williams

    Please sign MY name to your quilt.

  18. What a wonderful initiative to express that we and the earth are one organism. Blessings on all your work.
    Paul R. Strickland
    Executive Director , The Center for Religious Inquiry
    Minneapolis, MN

  19. Edina, MN

    I’m honored to have my name attached to this project, and want you to add the name of Harold Immanuel Nelson as well. He would have been so proud to know of this project, as the ideas behind it, and the goals, were things he would have been for, 100%!

  20. Use it or lose it– body warming instead of global warming! (thank you Ulla)

  21. Asheville, NC

  22. Let’s do it…it’s not difficult

  23. Good idea – every little effort to increase awareness helps!

  24. Great idea! Sign me up.

  25. Margot Kennard

    May all beings be happy
    May all beings be healthy
    May all beings be safe from harm
    May all beings live with ease

  26. Please add my name to your beautiful quilt. Thank you for your initiative and perserverence. I will spread the word. God bless our world.
    Patti Maguire
    Duluth, MN

  27. Kathryn Kennard-Galvin

    Great idea.

  28. Ellen McCauley

    very beautiful–thanks so much for doing this for all of us and the earth!

  29. Ellen McCauley

    oops–i forgot to put that i am in santa cruz.

  30. Nice quilt!

    Thanks for raising popular and political consciousness about this important topic.

    This is a great example of a local approach to a global problem — both pragmatic and inspiring.

  31. We are three that would like to travel with your beautiful creation…

    Erica, Nathan, and Sonya Larson

  32. Anne Yurasek, CT

    You go!! Will be sure to pass this on friends!

  33. Madison, WI

  34. Carolyn Cooley

    Wow! Not just a good idea but handsome too.
    Carolyn Cooley and Laura King
    Santa Fe, NM

  35. Nikolaus Kremer

    Dear Ulla,
    thank you for doing something about the climate change and bringing people together for action.
    Greetings from Niko

    Kassel, Germany

  36. Robin Macdonald

    Please sign me on. And thank you for inspiring me to get working on finishing Erica and Sonya’s quilt!

    Robin in Madison

  37. Nancy Pielemeier

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  38. What a beautiful and creative expression of a critical need – sane policies to reduce climate change.

    Thank you for your work on this.

  39. Jay Burlingham

    Jay Burlingham
    Madison, WI

  40. I live in Emeryville, CA and I think funding R&D for energy alternatives is the most important thing to do.

  41. Elisabeth Kremer

    I love our planet!

  42. Michael Matthews

    I am a teacher from Santa Cruz, CA. May our leaders hear our voices.

  43. Santa Cruz, CA

  44. Thank you for doing this project, and good luck!

    Denver, Colorado

  45. Erin and David Adler

    This is great! Well done!!

  46. Erin and David Adler

    SantaCruz CA

  47. Erin and David Adler

    Santa Cruz CA

    This is great! Well done!!

  48. To the future. And beyond!
    Cyn Bolsta
    Portland, OR

  49. Please help save our planet!

  50. The declaration of interdependence really demands that we acknowledge and take action on the fact that the environment also has rights, in particular protection from overzealous human greed, ignorance, and arrogance. It is long past due that we wake up, rise up, and take action in recognizing this simple but profound truth.

  51. Tracey DeMartini

    Thank you for your creative idea…I am honored to be included.

  52. Thank you for doing this, we can do it!

  53. Santa Cruz, CA
    cool idea!

  54. Continual education and awareness will help to address these issues. Great job on the quilt and taking it to DC!! Congrats, Ulla!

  55. Thank you Ulla! This is wonderful, good luck in DC!

  56. What a wonderful idea. Please add the names of my family too.
    Amy, Adam, Addison and Charlotte

  57. Natalie Kelsey

    Natalie Kelsey
    Denver, CO

    Good Luck Ulla!!

  58. Beautiful quilt!
    Sign me up.

  59. What a wonderful idea. I am proud to sign on!

  60. Blessings on this beautiful project to promote awareness of our hurting planet and our children who will inherit the earth. President Obama will smile with delight – as will Michelle, Malia and Sasha!

  61. Paul H. Nelson

    We’re ready for a change! Congratulations and sign up Sandy too!

  62. David Lo
    Santa Cruz, California

  63. Stillwater, MN.
    A quilt is such a wonderful old idea to apply to this new problem of ours. You could also sign this lovely quilt for my friend, KC Fuller, who made a few quilts of her own.



  65. Thanks for bringing it to Obama, and that he is the one you’re bringing it to!

  66. Katy Kelsey
    Chicago, IL

    Its an amazing project Ulla, good luck in DC!

  67. What a wonderful and thoughtful project. May it succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

  68. This is such a wonderful concept and the quilt is beautiful! Kudos to you and I hope to get to meet President-elect Obama.

  69. This is great work you are doing!

  70. It is wonderful that you have taken the iniative to try and make a difference in your own special way. Kudos to you for your ambition and creativity.

  71. Kjerstin Gurda

    Kjerstin Gurda and Adam Lohrmann. Milwaukee, WI

  72. marilyn erickson

    Great idea! Please add my name.

    Minneapolis, MN

  73. Sharon Holthaus

    Madison, WI

  74. amy kremer treibly

    Let’s demonstrate true American innovation for the common good!

  75. Thanks for all your hard work to save our planet. Wonderful to have a president who understands climate change. Please add my name.

  76. Bangkok, Thailand

  77. Milwaukee, WI. What an amazing experience Washington will be. Thanks for your creativity and dedication!

  78. Heather Albinger

    Thank you so much for dedication to this most important cause. Please add my name to the list.


  79. David & Teena Shouse

    We are proud that someone in our “family” is taking this bold and important step!

  80. Holly, Martin, Nathan and Bryce Bern
    Oakland, California

  81. michael einermann

    thank you for your efforts. may this be beneficial to all earth’s inhabitants.

  82. Brieshen McKee

    Brieshen, David and Haskel McKee-Seegal
    Berkeley, California

  83. Wilson, WY

    We need strong leadership to succeed. A ‘failure of nerve’ won’t do.

  84. A beautiful and creative contribution! Thank you for your commitment and your craft.

    Kim Walker
    Somerville, MA

  85. Thank you for your work on such an important issue.

    John Hultgren
    Somerville, MA

  86. chantelise Pells

    Thank you Ulla for being an inspiration. I hope the message of your quilt is heard loud and clear.

  87. Soliane Pells-Wehner

    Thank you Ulla for thinking of us kids.

  88. Thanks for being part of the solution

  89. I’m sitting here at a reference desk with your mom! I live in Minneapolis & it’s getting cold!

  90. Madeline Bachner

    Jackson, Wyoming

  91. Corina Alexander

    What an inspirational and powerful project and beautiful too! Wishing you only the best, in your journey of brining awareness and change to the issue of climate change. Please sign my name in support!
    Corina – Portland, Oregon

  92. Beautiful work! Your heart shines through. Sign my name on the back!
    Abi Morrison,L.Ac, Rockland, ME

  93. Caterina Nerney Meyers

    Union City, CA

    Thank you so much for your beautiful work!

  94. Very impressive quilt! Best of luck to you in DC!

    Sarah Lyons
    Delano, MN

  95. South Portland, Maine

  96. What a great idea! You, your ideas and your work are a blessing to us all. God bless you!

  97. Way to go Ulla! Thank you for being our voice!

  98. Chilton McLaughlin

    Great idea. Support your cause and quilt.

  99. Please add my name to your quilt. I’m in Seattle, WA.

    As a current student of the devastating environmental and economic effects of climate change, all I can say is that good legislation is a crucial piece of the puzzle if we want to have a future for any of our planet’s current inhabitants.

    Good luck with Obama!

  100. Helen Schietinger

    Washington DC

  101. Thank you for adding another piece toward this new climate of change. The project is beautiful and inspiring.
    Please add my name. I live in Berkeley, CA.

  102. Sylvia Mascarenhas

    You are blessed to have used your precious time and talent for a worthy cause. Have a safe trip as you travel, to deliver your inspirational quilt to DC .

  103. Kaarn Thomas
    Iron Gate, Va

  104. Amy Blumenshine

    What a great way to create change and beauty!

    Well done!

  105. Amy Blumenshine

    What a wonderfully creative way to make change and beauty! Well done!

  106. Thank you for your work on behalf of our beautiful home and all the generations to follow.

    Fritz, Jeanne, Adela and Daniel Kuehn
    Dallas, Texas

  107. A message for our children – and their children – and all the generations that come after them. At least for now, we have only one planet, one place to live in the cosmos. It is a limited, finite ecosystem that belongs to all of us, and for which we must share responsibility as caretakers and maintain down through all the generations of humanity.

  108. Darrell Hyndman

    Minneapolis, Mn

    Your quilt project is quite a deal. I bet a lot of people will be asking questions when they see it, and learning more of the details, including me. Good luck on getting it on Oprah.

  109. a great project to be part of

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