Quilt goes to DC for national day of action!

img_69631The Solutions to Climate Change Quilt enjoyed a warm welcome at the national day of action today. I met folks from 1Sky and 350.org, including Bill McKibben, and they were all impressed with the quilt and very happy that I had come out. It felt really great.

After the rally people went to give giant postcards to all the members of Congress, asking them to make climate change a priority in 2009. Unfortunately no one was available at the Obama transition team – apparently they were all out meeting with their respective departments. So 350.org volunteered to bring them the framed photograph of the quilt and letter I wrote to Obama (see Letter to Obama).

It was a very cold and windy day (it snowed a little), and my cousin Micah and his friend got quite a bit of exercise trying to hold it up.


After the rally was over Micah and I were joking about putting the quilt on the knees of the Lincoln memorial, so we walked over there, and ran into Evo Morales, President of Bolivia.

img_7005He spoke about slavery and the hope for justice for marginalized peoples. It was an amazing day overall.


After leaving the Lincoln memorial I got a call from a television producer in the Bay Area who wanted to do a segment on the quilt – so I was on live from DC the next morning on “Mornings on 2”. I’ll be posting the video when I get a chance, so you can see my first 4 minutes of fame.


One response to “Quilt goes to DC for national day of action!

  1. Hi Ulla,
    what a great blog, thank you for sharing! You made my day. Great picture of Evo Morales, too. Good luck,

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