100 Acknowledgements

The Solutions to Climate Change Quilt represents the efforts of over 100 people.

It was conceived and designed by myself, Ulla Nilsen

Squares were contributed by:

Jasper Donner
Eric Roman
Jenna Johnson-Honks
Louise Largier
Lisa Burlingham
Laura Courtney
Lal M.
Jasmine Harris
Amanda Green
Jennifer Miller
Michelle Gerster
Zhaabishkang Bush
Gayle Nelson
Jamie Ledford
Chris Dodge
Marko Muir
Hilary Klein
Melissa Klein
Tanya Pitts
Shannon and Zeke and Max
Mateo Nube
Maya Nube
Sammi and Sofie
Ellen Yin
Ronja Soares
Leah Bolger
Maria Stefanovich
Kendrea Beers
Elliana Tsang
Katie Hart
Alexia Stefanovich
Caspian Bell
Amanda Halama
Juan Gutierrez
Eva Dod
Anya Dod
Jenna Jensen
Sara Lovtang
Jessie Curry
Nori Nettleman
Emily Meyers
Grace Lambert
Susie Siegel
Cynthia Royce
Tahvia Laubach
Giselle Laubach
Sara Webb
Rebecca Myers
Emily Myers
Michael Reisner
Abigail Nathaniel Phillips
KT and Naomi and Willy
Zoe Ashbridge
Anna Ashbridge
Janet Juhnn
Helen Eldred
Laurie Barnes
Lydia Massey
Madie Massey
Celeste and John Everett Trull
Madysen Cane
Maddie Hahn
Olivia Duff
Aviva Davis
Pepper Rose
Kyra Tiegen
Amelia Kelly
Solveig Nilsen
Anders Nilsen
Heather Shouse
Sonja Nelson Gurda
Nikolai Gurda
Scott Ota Jr.
Chloe Ota
Gloria Alonzo
Sholey Malawa
Ana Rosa Jauregui
2 members of the African America Quilt Guild of Oakland

Lettering for solutions, some photos and excellent advise given by Melissa Klein

Website assistance by Peter

Pieced by:
Anna Martinez
Emma Coleman
Sandi Cummings
Lynn Richards
Lynn Crook
Nini Smith
and the April Fool’s quilting group

The quilt was very generously quilted and bound by Teresa Weyand of Qreative Quilting in Alameda, CA


2 responses to “100 Acknowledgements

  1. Hola Ulla, it looks great. Thank you for taking on this project and I wish you fun and lots of luck on your trip. I noticed my name is not listed and would like to be included. Thanks.

  2. Kim Klein, Washington D.C.

    I’m telling every quilter I know about this. Let’s all be inspired to dress warmly, use quilts and turn down the heat, except on politicians.

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