Photo gallery

Here photos of a few of the squares that people made for the quilt. About 100 different people made squares.


3 responses to “Photo gallery

  1. Cynthia Royce

    Thanks for the nice photos. I remember you from the Farmer’s Market in Corvallis, Oregon, where I sat down and drew a little picture on a quilt square. Everyone there seemed to be having fun. Maybe it will have an effect, who knows?

  2. Sara Prueitt Lovtang

    Thank you for putting so much love into this project. My daughter Linnea had fun making one of the quilt squares when you were visiting the Corvallis farmer’s market.

    As an ecologist I can talk to her about the real problems that are already happening, and that she may face when she’s older. The quilt was a very special way for her to feel connected to the issues that are very hard to understand, even for a professional ecologist!

  3. Brilliant… just brilliant… thank you so much for this beautiful project…

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