The main support I need for the quilt is to publicize it. You can still help by signing the back of the quilt, and asking your friends to sign. I took the quilt to DC on November 18th for the national day of action, and delivered a framed photograph of the quilt together with a letter to President Obama’s transition team. But Im still going to try and give him the quilt on Oprah’s show, so there’s time to add more names.

To sign the quilt, send me a comment by clicking on the word “comments” below, with your name, and the city and state you live in, and I will write it in for you. To read the message I sent with the quilt, see “Letter to Obama”.

You can also help by finding other web pages that will link to me, or places to post about the quilt, or hooking me up with folks that work on Oprah’s show!


14 responses to “Support

  1. This generation don’t have the right to prioritize profit using the resources that belong to the new generation. Please.STOP GLOBAL WARMING NOW!

  2. Helping This Planet to Heal is the only chance we have for survival. Please work hard to ensure that the government is doing all it can to reduce global warming as quickly as possible.
    Thank You-
    Sara@ Hollywood, California

  3. Moriah "Moxy" Oxnard

    location: Berkeley, CA

    Nice collaboration on the quilt. Let’s keep the creative ways to call for corporate accountability to this planet flowing!

  4. What a creative way to deliver your important message. The future of this planet depends on people like you who continue to work to raise public awareness and motivate us to find rational solutions to the problems of climate change. On behalf of my grandchildren, I thank you.

  5. May the Quilt for Climate Change be one factor in helping to motivate those in responsible positions to take action for the preservation of our planet for future generations.

  6. Little by little, yes, we can get there.

    St. Paul, MN
    (old friend of your mom’s and Jane ‘s)

  7. Johanna Freymann

    Excellent and important work! I hope you can speak to Obama himself! Much love and bon courage from Berlin, Johanna

  8. Minneapolis, MN
    Beautiful quilt, so inspiring!
    Sign me up!

  9. Thank you for your selfless work to ensure that future generations will enjoy the beauties of our Earth.

  10. Good luck Ulla, this is beautiful!
    We need to minimize our fossil fuel use – live locally!

  11. Beverly Oldfield

    Thank you for your monumental efforts in trying to improve our world climate.

  12. Life on earth is blessed thing to preserve, fight for and love back into balance.

    Thanks for your creative collaborative contribution!

  13. A simply beautiful message as only a quilt can convey. We must keep our hearts and hands in motion for change.

  14. Thought you might like to see our ‘carbon quilt’.

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