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The story of the quilt

I started this quilt in June of this year, when my son was 1 year old. I had recently started learning more about global warming, and realized I needed to do something, for my own sanity, and to help his chances of having a decent future on this planet.

I wrote to friends and family and asked them to make squares, and started bringing my box of craft supplies and a banner to parks and farmer’s markets. It was a lot of fun to talk to people about the project, and to make art with kids. I got a lot of encouragement, as well as lots of lovely square (see Photo Gallery) .

I also went to two quilt groups in the Bay Area to ask for squares (which are really called “blocks” in quilter language), the African American Quilt Guild of Oa kland, and the East Bay Heritage Quilters. I got a few blocks from them, as well as assistance in piecing (sewing the blocks together). Teresa Weyand, owner of Qreative Quilting and a professional quilter in Alameda, CA¬†, generously offered her services for free to longarm machine quilt and bind the quilt. The finished quilt measures almost 8 x 14 feet!
I will be bringing the quilt to President Obama on November 18th. Some national climate change organizations, 1Sky and 350.org have organized a national event to “welcome” our President and new representatives in Congress, with the demand that they make climate change an immediate priority in Washington. I will be showing the actual quilt here in California as well, in November and December. To find out more about showings, send me a message by clicking on “comments” below.